Finally an Authentic Belgian Lager Brewed for the USA

We are proud to present Charlie’s to the United States. The vision of the Charlie’s brand was to create a new, fresh tasting beer based on years of master Belgium brewing, tradition and craftsmanship. Made especially for the US market, our golden lager is comprised of the highest quality ingredients and the purest well water. Charlie’s premium Belgian lager has a refined and traditional flavor but with a bold and youthful persona.

Flavor and Flare, Charlie’s Golden Lager

Quality ingredients and superior flavor is the foundation of our premium Belgian lager. Charlie’s has made it a point to have our packaging match its youthful taste. Charlie’s is adventurous and gutsy while still being cool. The ideal balance of traits in both appearance and flavor, our Belgian beer is ideal for all occasions. Treat yourself to the best Belgian beer brewed only for the USA, and just for you. 


Personal Quote

” We are at the beginning of a great journey with Charlie’s. My vision is to have Charlie’s available to enjoy for anyone, everywhere in the US and to become one of the most popular and well known beer brands in the US. ”

Come and join Charlie’s!

Marlies Christopoulos
President / CEO of The Charlie’s Beer Company USA

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